Dear Clients,

I started Brimfield Tax in 1995 with the intention of bringing in a little extra income in for my family, but what I got over the last 26 years has been far more than monetary gain. It has been my privilege to get to know all of you. Some of you have watched my girls grow up and now my granddaughter. I too have watched your families grow and change.

You have trusted me with your personal and confidential information, and I have always worked hard to do the best by all of you. When tax season felt endless and the pile of papers seemed to never get smaller your appreciation kept me going. I can honestly say, I have the best clients. The last couple of seasons have been hard because the best part of my job has been my relationships with you and not being able to sit down and spend much time with you has been tough.

That said, I need to let you know that I am closing the business and retiring immediately. I would never choose this timing intentionally; however, I have recently been diagnosed with a serious health condition that requires I put all my focus on getting and staying healthy.

I know this is sudden so I have put together a small list of credentialed preparers and CPAs that I can refer you to. I have personally verified their credentials and feel comfortable you will be treated well by these providers. 

  • Kassandra McElhiney is a CPA and Registered Tax Return Preparer who keeps up with tax law through the University of IL – same place as I do.  She is in Chillicothe.  Her number is 309-274-6244
  • Connie Morrow is an Enrolled Agent in Bushnell who stays up to date on tax law. There are at least 2 enrolled agents in her office.  Prices are reasonable.  Her phone number is 309-772-2171
  • Bryan Pullen is a CPA in Princeville who does a lot more returns than I ever did while also working a full-time job elsewhere.  His prices are very reasonable.  He has the CPA credentials and cares about his people.  Website is  His number is 309-267-4637
  • Mary Jo Roberts, Annual Filing Season Participant.  Limited IRS representation but can handle most simple returns quickly for a reasonable price.  309-397-7952

I want to thank all of you sincerely for the years of business, support, friendship and trust.

– – Debbie Stratton